The Lonely Journey Called Life---Lars Eriksson

I take my bag

I go away

Away from pain, away from being still

I'm gonna get happy without a pill

I'm gonna leave my life behind and change

I sit on a bus alone

Next to me is a man I don't know

I look at the landscape we're driving through

I look at the world, forever new

As I move on this bumpy road we call life

I book a room in Spain

I meet a girl without a name

We walk all night up in hills

We talk about God and forbidden chills

And when the morning comes we are still awake

It is a lonely trip

Shouting as gold for the soul

I'm move from place to place and learn

About the fires and the passions that always burn

Inside of us, inside of you and life

I will soon be a man

I do the best I can

People hurt each other and fool themselves

Creating non-existing problems in their own house

I just look upon this world and I feel alone

I long for my real home

I will reach there in time

It's not a place of chorus where I can go

I have a restless soul without a goal

And so I move, move on with my things

Sometimes I feel so alone

Sometimes my heart is made of stone

And I was young with someone else

In another life, in another place

But I'm here, I'm now, I'm me

A change is gonna come

Inside of everyone

The world is getting better for every day

Don't let yourselves be fooled though the clouds are gray

It's a better life tomorrow, and not the same old ways



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